paul | indiana senior photographer


This post has been a long time for Paul's mom, Carla...HERE IT IS!!!!!

Paul is a simple guy.  A guy who loves farming and is very involved, and might I add accomplished, in FFA and 4H.  Just last month, Paul competed in and WON the National Lawn Tractor title in 4H!  His session was early this summer and we stayed true to Paul's loves of the country by shooting on and around the farm where he works.

 He also looks pretty sharp in a suit :)

Paul, Congratulations on winning Nationals!  Have a great senior year!


alexa | indiana children photographer

Alexa and are are pretty good in she knows exactly when I'm coming over to see her...and she waits by the door for me.  She tells me all about her school, familiy vacations and how she went about picking out her clothes and barettes for our "date."  I love to hear all about her little world and I'm glad that i'm a part of it :)


But my favorite thing about Alexa is that she laughs at all my silly jokes ;)

Miss Alexa, once again I had such a nice visit with you :)  Can't wait to do it again soon!


spencer | indiana senior photographer

I learned a few things from Spencer.  First, I talk a lot during sessions and poor Spencer was a good sport to just let me do it.  Second, I know nothing about sound systems in cars.  Third, and by far my favorite, it is completely unacceptable for shoes to have creases across the toes from walking.  True story ;)

Yes, these are said shoes...with no creases.  Not sure how he walks like that but i will say, his shoes always look brand new!!!!

And below was Spencer's one request for the session...

Congratulations, Spencer, on your senior year!  And here's to more shoes with less creases in your closet ;)


the baxter family | ohio portrait photographer

Meet the Baxters!  Ashley is a dear friend of mine whom I have had the pleasure of working with for over 15 years now...I have literally watched her grow up!  And now she is wife to BJ and mom to Boone and Alecta.  Alecta is almost one and has been walking for months. ornery ;)  He kept me running most of the time...I'm pretty sure he has that effect on everyone!

The one above of Boone crawling away has to be one of my sums up his personality perfectly :)

Believe it or not, it was overcast during most of the session.  The sun peeked out just at the right time and we took advantage. 

Baxters, thank you for a beautiful session!  Ash and BJ, your kids are completely adorable and so much like the both of you :)  Thanks for sharing them with me.  


blake's combined 3 and 6 month sessions | indiana childrens photographer

I warned you I was behind on the blog....Blake just had his 6 month session last week so to get you caught up on this little guy, here's a look at what he was up to at 3 months...

And three months later...Blake is sitting up and laughing.  All the time!  Unless he's trying to eat leaves ;)

Blake, you're such a sweetie..and you think I'm funny :)  See you again in 3 more months!