their new view...

I have been laundry, housework in general and keeping up on the blog.  It's not for lack of trying, just more like lack of time.  I also realized, I've spent so much time photographing other families that I've been slacking on photographing my own!  My kids didn't seem to mind ;)  After years of being my on-call models, they've had enough "photo session" to last them a lifetime.  

I have been slacking on NOT working; being at home with my family and relaxing with them is not always easy when I know work is waiting in the next room!  I've been learning to say no to work and yes to spending a Saturday with my kids.

This weekend, I was slacking.  On the housework again, but only because I was spending time with my kids and extended family in Ohio.  We had a great overnight holiday celebration...and I got in some pics of the kids while we were away.  I hadn't taken any pictures of them with their new GLASSES...which make them both look SO grown up :(  Here is a tease of Evie and Trenton....I'm saving the rest for our Holiday Cards!

Without a doubt, the cutest kids in the entire world ;)


kristin and adam | dayton, ohio engagement photographer

Kristin and I were introduced via email through a mutual friend.  Kristin and Adam were newly engaged...and I was their potential wedding photographer!  When their wedding date was decided, I was already booked for that day.  Kristin sent me a sweet email that basically said if the date opens up, will you let me know.  But when you have a contract for a wedding, that almost never happens...almost.

Literally the NEXT day, my wonderful June 25th bride calls and says her reception venue has closed and she now needs to move her date...Like I said, that ALMOST never happens.  It took a few days for her to find a new date (which we did!),then I called Kristin and said...GUESS WHAT?!

I couldn't be more thrilled to be able to photograph Kristin and Adam's wedding next summer.  Over phone conversations and fashion talk, I felt as if I'd known Kristin forever.  As she described Adam, he reminded me a lot of my own husband!  Kristin and I are shoe lovers and fashion followers (or at least I try to be!), and our men are from a much more "laid back" perspective.  Meaning, our men love us and tolerate our shopping and closet full of shoes..and clothes..and whatever else we can stack in there!

We planned their engagement session to take place in their current city of Dayton, Ohio.  Kristin and Adam had all of the locations chosen for the shoot, and they were absolutely perfect!  Add in some gorgeous morning light and an equally gorgeous couple and this is what you get :)


Ok, isn't she ridiculously pretty?  And that color looks fabulous on her!

Ok, they're also ridiculously good looking together!

Above, my favorite image from the day...only about 15 minutes into the shoot!

And we ended the day at a tiny little airport near Kristin and Adam's home.  

And one more with Wyatt!

Kristin and Adam, I still can't believe how this has all come together!  So excited to be a part of the ride :)


alexandra | celina, ohio senior photographer

Alex was an absolute dream to photograph!  I met up with her and her Aunt Becky in Celina on a very windy afternoon this summer.  Alex was so sweet and at first, a bit quiet!  She soon felt very comfortable in front of the camera...and she is a natural beauty as you will see :)

Alex, Congratulations on your senior year!

And thanks to you and Becky for a wonderful afternoon full of laughs in one of my favorite places on earth  :)


alex and tyler | indiana wedding photographer

Being from a small community, I feel like I sometimes know people without really knowing them.  That's how I felt about Alex and Tyler.  I remember seeing them at high school football games and always thought what a cute couple they were :)  But that's really all I knew of them...Alex and Tyler...the cute couple.

And now, they're Alex and Tyler...husband and wife.  Their wedding took place at Alex's family home on THE hottest day of last summer.  And when I say hot, I mean Indiana August humidity in July!  What makes it even more funny to me is thinking about their engagement session...on New Years the sleet and snow!  I'm thinking these two like extremes;)

Alex chose some of the most beautiful jewelry I've seen paired with a wedding'll see it in a bit!

Alex and Tyler chose to have a First Look, this is them seeing each other for the first time :)  Such a beautiful, private moment that they will always remember!

And it's also a glimpse of Alex's you see it hanging from her neck and down her back :)

Alex and her mom did a fantastic job planning the backyard ceremony...lots of pretty details :)

Above is one of my favorite pictures from the day, during a very emotional part of the ceremony :)


And a great party followed!!!  This picture sums up my entire summer of Saturday nights :)  And if you're wondering, this gentleman is often surrounded by women on the dance floor.  And he also belongs to one of the bridesmaids ;)

Alex and Tyler, it was an absolute joy to share this day with you!  Congratulations to you both!


luci turns one | indiana children photographer

Oh, Miss Luci...she's a frequent face on the blog and you'll see her again soon when I post the family session from last week :)  Luci turned one just this past summer and thanks to her mother's fabulous taste, is quite the little fashionista!  It seems she has a personality to match with laughs that include a wrinkled nose that gives just the slightest hint of mischeviousness ;)

And there's just a glimpse of that wrinkled nose ;)  I can tell you after chasing her around the yard last week that it's a bit more predominant these days!

I'm already looking forward to seeing how much she changes in the next year!