sam and lyndsey's wedding | indiana wedding photographer


Lyndsey and Sam were married on a perfect Friday afternoon this past August.  Friday afternoons are a bit out of the ordinary in our area but I highly recommend them!  It felt like we were skipping school all day while everyone else was at work!  If you're a bride and you haven't considered a Friday wedding, think about how can turn your wedding into an entire weekend celebration (or have an extra day to rest when it's over) :)

Sam and Lyndsey opted for a first look so they could spend the entire day together.

And this was THE most memorable wedding party of my year...if you were at the reception, you know why ;)

That is one proud mother of the bride....and one happy bride and groom :)

Sam and Lyndsey, wishing you all the best in your marriage.  Thanks for the laughs, the recipe and for an interesting evening of dancing....Hugs to you both :)


john, pam, larry, betzi, gunner and krosbi | indiana family photographer


I have been photographing Krosbi and Gunner since they've been born.   Gunner, with his head full of curls and Kros, always wearing her best jewelry that is only for special occasions ;)  They're two of the cutest kids and they always seem thrilled to be in front of my camera!

This year we not only added Mom and Dad, but Grandma and Grandpa too!  This is one special family...

We thought we would shoot behind their house that night...then I saw this huge tree with the sun setting behind it :) :)  It was worth the long walk! 

Miss Krosbi is such a princess, and notice she is still wearing her special jewelry!  And I love Gunner missing his two front appropriate look for their Christmas card this year ;)

I may have gotten the kids in trouble for a bit.  Mom and Dad kept telling them to settle down..but I encouraged them to do anything but ;)

As always, I enjoyed our time together under the blazing Indiana sun.  And I'm thankful that the golf cart ride I got from Gunner did NOT result in a wreck into the pond :)  Lots of love to you all this Holiday season!


brock's 3 and 6 month sessions | indiana children photographer


Little Brock is getting so big!  His 3 month session took place literally hours before I hopped on a plane to California for a week.  We were determined to get some outside shots but there was quite a thunderstorm brewing at the time!  While the rain poured, Brock took a little snooze, and the timing was just right to capture these as the storm cleared. 

And three months later, Brock is still charming the ladies with his big brown eyes :) 






Oh goodness, I just want to squeeze him!  See you in February, buddy :)


megan | indiana senior photographer

I remembered Megan from my days of shooting holiday portraits in the studio.  She always brought her dog, Annie, and was the most quiet little thing I think I'd ever photographed!  She had long blonde hair and the thick cut bangs of a young girl.  So, when her mom called to schedule her senior session (and I got over my shock of Megan even being a senior), I recalled that young image of her in my head. 

Young Megan grew into a beautiful young woman while I wasn't paying attention :)  She still has the same sweet smile and so kind with her words, but now she is a vibrant and outgoing girl ready to take on life!  I kept laughing and telling her, "Megan!  I don't think I ever knew what your voice sounded like before!"  I was so glad she brought her best bud Annie along for a few shots as well.




The light was crazy good to work with that very EARLY worth it! 



Megan, it has been such an honor watching you grow up in front of the camera over the years.  I have so enjoyed seeing you and your mom (and don't forget Dad and Annie) and now getting to know you better.  I know next year will be a big change, but I trust and believe that you will make the most of it and achieve great things :)  Good Luck to you!


elizabeth and nick | ohio wedding photographer

Our connections go way back.  Back to before any of us were here.  Our parents were classmates, friends.  I've known Liz her whole life, but from a distance.  So when I arrived on wedding day, I truly felt part of the family.  And now our connections are our own.

Liz had a fabulous dress.  I loved the slightly vintage feel the lacey texture gave to the gown which she carried over to her jewelry, cathedral veil and the most beautiful roses I've ever seen.






 Liz and Nick chose to do a first look, which I always love.  They had planned a second location for photos on the way to reception and seeing each other before the ceremony gave us the extra time we needed. 





All of the Smith girls!  Yes, Liz is one of five daughters in the family and they're all so gorgeous!






And on the way to the reception...










Nick and Liz, it was an absolute pleasure to document your day.  Your friends and families were

the best, taking me in and taking care of me as well :)  Enjoy the holidays and hope to see you both soon :)