grandma c

My Grandma Curry is a pretty cool lady, that must be where I get it ;)  But, she's had a very tough year.  You see, her husband of 61 years died almost exactly 6 months ago.  They had the most amazing relationship I've ever witnessed and I'm blessed with so many wonderful memories of them together.

Grandma's been doing her best being without Grandpa.  It's a struggle, but seeing her grandkids often and being able to still stare out her own window at the lake in their backyard has helped keep her spirits up, as best as she can.

Last night, I got the call that Grandma had had a stroke.  We're not sure of all the details, but we do know that she was in this condition for a very long time before anyone was aware;  and right now we're being told she cannot speak.

So, I'm sending my love and prayers over to her right now...and to my Dad and uncle.  They've also had a tough year watching their parents go through these changes.

Like I said, my Grandma is a pretty cool lady...and we share a special bond.  Our love of shoes :)  When we visit, I always try to pick out  a pair she will be proud of!  I wore a pair she especially loved on Easter Sunday.  Grandma loved them so much, she just HAD to try them on....


You can bet I'm putting on a  special pair today, just for you, Grandma.




lindsey and joel

I'm super excited to have Lindsey and Joel as my first couple to be featured here!  I've been anticipating their wedding day since we had their engagement shoot last month. Well, their big day has finally arrived as they will become husband and wife this weekend.

I had such a blast shooting their engagements as Lindsey and Joel were ready for anything.  They didn't look at me crazy when I suggested some new locations that probably sounded a bit.....well, crazy!  I think you can see by their images that they have a special connection with eachother.  Their love is infectious and makes me want to snuggle up to my own husband :)














a fresh start.

It's about time.  That's the comment I've been getting as news spreads that I'm going for it.  Wedding photography began as a hobby for me, something on the weekends to help support the family.  Now, wedding photography is one of my favorite things about this job I love.

For those of you familiar with me, you've most likely seen me sporting my "Gibby's" hat, which I will continue to wear while I'm not shooting weddings.  I am lucky enough to have a boss who is flexible with my schedule and supports my love of working on the weekends :)

So if you're wondering, Yes, I shoot weddings on my own.  This hobby has quickly taken off and I feel a desire to give my clients the attention and detail they deserve all while keeping my comfortable yet confident approach to capturing these once-in-a-lifetime images.

A few weeks ago, I called up a girlfriend of mine and asked her to create a unique logo to brand my business.  Here is the first look at my business cards.  Thanks, Alicia!

 So, keep coming back!  I have a very busy summer filled with great couples and celebrations! 

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