kevin and mollie's wedding | indiana wedding photographer


Oh, how I love these two :)

I talked about it in their engagement post...these two are so completely into each other, so affectionate, so madly in love.  I am quite smitten with them as a couple too!

Molly chose to have bridal portraits taken just a couple of weeks before the big day.  I encouraged her think of it as a more relaxed session, so she opted to lose the veil and wear her gorgeous hair down.

My favorite comment had to be when Mollie told me, "This place is so Edward and Bella."  ;)

Wedding day finally arrived.  And if you can tell by the next image, our plan of action for the day shifted just a bit...

It rained.  All day.  Before the ceremony.  During.  And after.

I kept reassuring Mollie that it wouldn't be a problem and I think it was more for my benefit than hers.   She was way too giddy to care about the weather.  She said, "I trust you."  And I loved her even more :)

Mollie and Kevin's First Look:  Kevin had the BEST reaction I've witnessed yet!  He couldn't take his eyes off of her.

We managed to get just a couple of shots in between showers and downpours!

Remember my very couple featured on the blog?  Lindsey and Joel are now proud parents to little Ryder!

And I had to include one of the wedding party, who braved the rain long enough to give Mollie just one of them all together outside :)  In some of these shots, you can see the rain on Kevin's jacket!

And wouldn't you know it, the rain stopped AFTER we got to the reception hall...I caught Kevin's daugher, Kylee, running through the wet grass ;)

Co-Best Man and Brother of the Groom, Lenny gave a great toast. 

I love how he loves both of his girls.

Kevin had a daddy-daughter dance with Kaylee.  So precious, not a dry eye in the place.

Another wedding reception with LOST VEGAS!  Mollie's brother, Drew, plays in the band!

Kaylee, singing and dancing on stage with the band.  She's quite the party animal...but it was a GREAT party!

I'll say it again, I absolutely adore you two.  It's the little things...Mollie's great smile and infectious laugh.  The way Kevin looks at Mollie like she's the only woman in the room.  The way you made me feel like part of the family.  I love it all.  Thank you for the opportunity to get to know you both.  It was an absolute pleasure.

It was good to run into you both the other day, you always make me smile :)  Hope you're enjoying your first holiday season as a family!


brittany | indiana senior photographer

The start of her senior year.  Her 18th Birthday.  Sharing a great day with her mom and sisters.  These are the things I hope Brittany remembers years from now when she looks at these pictures.  Yes, we actually had her session on her birthday...and her mom and sisters were along to help with outfits, hair changes and a little birthday surprise that I know Britt will never forget ;)

We started the morning at the apple orchard behind her house and from there ventured into town.

Brittany, you are one beautiful girl!  Enjoy the second half of your last year in high're almost there!!!



deyton at 6 and 9 months | indiana children photographer

Deyton continues his reputation for being an easy baby, at least in my eyes!  He turned on the cuteness at his 6 month session while we shot at his Grandma's house...and even played in the pool a bit!

And now at 9 months...preparing for his first Indiana winter!

He has been making this "oooh" face since birth!

Deyton, I can't believe the next time I see you it will be for your 1year session!  Time has gone so fast!  Have fun with your mom and dad this Christmas...and make sure to put some hydrocortisone in mommy's stocking to help with the poison ivy that resulted from this session;)



richard, betsey, nora and calvin | indiana family photographer

Betsey contacted me saying she and her family would be coming through town for a wedding and wanted a family session while they were here.  It just so happened that I was photographing that wedding!  I got a mini introduction to her husband and kids on the day of the wedding, then met up with them a couple of days later for their session.

Betsey had a specific look she wanted with tall weeds and pictures of her family interacting.  PERFECT!  We got very lucky with their schedule as the rain that morning held off just long enough to finish the shoot before Betsey, Richard and the kids took off for their next destination.  They had a very busy summer of traveling and seeing family before their big move to Hong Kong!  They have been there for a few months now and are absolutely loving it!

Betsey, it was wonderful to see you again and meet your beautiful family.  Enjoy your Christmas in the Philippines!


devan is sixteen | indiana portrait photographer

We fought the rain...and the rain won.  I met up with Devan and her mom in the morning, and they were both concerned about the rain, which we all knew could come pouring down at any second.  And eventually it did, right in the middle of things!  But until then, the three of us found some nice places downtown to shoot...although we didn't stray far from the vehicles and the protection they provided :)

Doesn't she have a great smile?!

Even with the rain, I think the session was a success :)  Devan, thanks for trusting me hope you're enjoying your Sophomore year!