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megan | indiana senior photographer

I remembered Megan from my days of shooting holiday portraits in the studio.  She always brought her dog, Annie, and was the most quiet little thing I think I'd ever photographed!  She had long blonde hair and the thick cut bangs of a young girl.  So, when her mom called to schedule her senior session (and I got over my shock of Megan even being a senior), I recalled that young image of her in my head. 

Young Megan grew into a beautiful young woman while I wasn't paying attention :)  She still has the same sweet smile and so kind with her words, but now she is a vibrant and outgoing girl ready to take on life!  I kept laughing and telling her, "Megan!  I don't think I ever knew what your voice sounded like before!"  I was so glad she brought her best bud Annie along for a few shots as well.




The light was crazy good to work with that very EARLY morning...so worth it! 



Megan, it has been such an honor watching you grow up in front of the camera over the years.  I have so enjoyed seeing you and your mom (and don't forget Dad and Annie) and now getting to know you better.  I know next year will be a big change, but I trust and believe that you will make the most of it and achieve great things :)  Good Luck to you!

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