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lauren and james, married.

The lack of blog posts is not because I fell off the face of the earth, although my husband sometimes wonders if that happens sometimes...in that case, my office must be where the "face of the earth" ends since that's where he can find me most of the time!  This has been a very busy and exciting summer and I have lots of blogging to catch up on.  For now, I give you James and Lauren :)

James and Lauren were married way back on June 27th in Berne.  When I arrived, the church was empty and quiet.  I took Lauren's gown to he entrance of the church to get this shot.

When I arrived in the bridal room, the girls, along with Lauren's mom, were busy fulfilling their duties and helping the bride prepare for the most important day of her life.

                                                                                                                                                                                                The church had a great courtyard, perfect for pictures and the best part is the air conditioning inside the building was only 2 steps away.  It was a pretty steamy summer day and we can't have a melting bride :)  Lauren was absolutely STUNNING! 

 And James looked pretty dashing as well.  He had me cracking up the whole time we were shooting.  I even told him, "I don't remember you being this funny the last time I saw you!"  I guess it took the engagement session for him to make sure I could handle his one liners ;)

 Just moments after the ceremony...



And the little flower girl and ring bearer were soo darn cute!  Love their brown eyes!

 After a few pictures outside, Lauren and James celebrated with friends and family with a dinner reception in the church.  I loved this shot of Lauren taking care of her new husband after she innocently got a tiny bit of frosting on his face after the cake cutting!

 Following dinner and dessert, Lauren's parents hosted a beautiful after-reception party at their home.  On the way, I stopped with the bride and groom in town for a few shots of them together.


When we arrived at Lauren's family home, the sun was just starting to set in the sky.  Lauren just stood on the drive and looked around to take in the beautiful surroundings.  She was thrilled with how everything had finally taken shape after months of planning every little detail and praying for a beautiful day.




 A perfect way to spend the evening!

 Thank you, Lauren and James, for letting me be part of your day!  Hope married life is treating you well!



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