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naomi and brent, engaged.

Naomi and I have become fast friends....fast facebook chat friends that is...until this session!  We can talk faster with our fingers than most can do in person with real words :)  She and Brent will be getting married August 1st...and having their reception at a venue I've never photographed before-can't wait to see it.

I'd never actually met Naomi and Brent in person until they showed up for their engagement shoot.  I think the first thing Naomi told me was that she was excited about the session but as for Brent...well, not as much :)  So, what was my reaction?  Tease him about the fake smile he was giving me until none of us could stop laughing about it.  Must've worked because I think we got some great images!


As for Naomi, she loves the camera...and it loves her!  Look at her gorgeous smile.




Below:  Brent told me more than once how much he doen't like being photographed...looks like he's having a good time to me!  He relaxed easily as the shoot progressed and was soon a natural in front of the camera.

See what I mean?  Lookin' good, Brent.


After the session, I got the nicest email from Naomi saying how much fun she had during the shoot...and it sounds like Brent didn't hate it afterall!  Later, she and I chatted again via facebook....imagine that...and Naomi also informed me that she now "stalks" my blog.  I laughed and told her how excited I was to have my very own blog stalker.  Her reward for this behavior is this extra large engagement post!  Thanks guys for a fun shoot! 





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