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down on the farm.

I absolutely adore Fall.  I love everything about it, the sweaters and boots, the color palette, pumpkin pie, pumpkin blizzards, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin cappucino...well, you get the picture.  As for my kids, if you ask them what their favorite part of Fall is, they too would probably also answer "pumpkins!"  We grew pumpkins in the garden this year and the kids have really enjoyed watching the blossoms turn into small, green almost-pumpkins into the bright orange pumpkins that we now have sitting on the front step.

A new Fall favorite added this year was our trip to Steele Farms.  Our good friends, Chris and Marah Steele, have turned their family homestead into a fall-lovers delight!  We took our kids there last Sunday afternoon and enjoyed all that the farm had to offer.  Chris and Marah's barn is now home to a cute marketplace filled with decorations and treats that you can enjoy later!

There is so much for the kids to do at the farm, starting off with these photo-op cut outs!  Evie and Trenton thought they were hilarious :)

The kids couldn't wait to get into the Corn Maze!  Heck, even Tim and I enjoyed it!   Once we made it successfully through the maze, it was off to the pumpkin patch!

Tim told Trenton he had to carry his back up to the barn.  This is Trenton trying to pick up his huge pumpkin!

And what trip to the farm would be complete without a hay ride?

It's been such a busy summer for our household and as the weather changes, I look forward to a chance to slow down a bit.  The trip to the farm was just what I needed last weekend to make myself take a much needed breath and just enjoy my family for an entire afternoon!

Chris and Marah, you've done a fabulous job with your new venture!  I enjoyed every minute I spent on the farm and all the hard work you've put into it has really paid off!  I'll be back soon to get some corn shocks, so don't sell them all yet!

If you'd like to plan a trip to Steele Farms, check out their website for hours of operation and location.  And don't forget your CAMERA!

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